Large Scale Omics Projets

As a Unique Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (ICTS), OmicsTech offers at least 20% of its capacity to open competitive access. Under this premise, large scale omics projects must go through an external evaluation process:

  • Researchers are required to fill in the OmicsTech access form:

  • Applications are reviewed by the corresponding Access Committee which is constituted by 3-4 Genomics, Metabolomics or Proteomics experts and an evaluation report is issued.
  • Accepted proposals are published here. Confidential explanation and recommendations are given to the not accepted ones.
  • The principles and criteria for the evaluation of the proposal are:
    • The quality and relevance of the global scientific project that includes the activity proposal and /or potential interest to industry or translational research (50%)
    • Evidence of strong support by relevant funding agencies (25%)
    • The scientific credentials of the applicant research group (25%)