The Metabolomics and Proteomics areas of the IOT cover a wide range of capabilities in metabolome and proteome analysis and data handling. The expertise is guaranteed by professionals with extensive experience on mass spectrometry, magnetic nuclear resonance and data analysis.

This metabolomics area of the IOT focuses its activity on profiling and quantifying small, naturally occurring compounds that collectively constitute the so-called metabolome. Small molecules serve as direct signatures of biochemical activity and therefore are easier to correlate with phenotype.

The Proteomics area of the IOT is centered on profiling and quantifying proteins on experiments that include chromatographic and electrophoretic systems for protein and peptide separation and state-of-the-art mass spectrometry systems.

Both areas takes part in research projects in fields as diverse as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, rare disorders, immunological interactions, and nutritional research improving the knowledge of food and its relation with health and disease, in collaboration with scientists from universities, hospitals, research centers and companies in the sector of biotechnology, nutrition and pharma.

The Metabolomics and Proteomics area of the IOT can guide researchers at any project phase or from start to finish. Please read the following documents and contact for further information and discussion of possible ways of collaboration.